Trump Says US Could 'Conceivably' Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

Trump Says US Could 'Conceivably' Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

The United States "could conceivably go back in" to the Paris climate agreement, President Trump said Wednesday - but it would have to be under terms that don't punish the country for its wealth of fossil fuels.

"Norway is combating climate change - it's an important issue for us and we are committed to the Paris agreement", Solberg told reporters in the East Room of the White House. Seated in the Oval Office, Trump notes that Norway has been a strong consumer of USA -built military equipment, including the F-35 aircraft. We "want to have clean water, clean air, but we also want businesses that can compete".

Trump reiterated that the USA could "conceivably" return to the agreement but he added, "The Paris accord really would have taken away our competitive edge and we're not going to let that happen - I'm not going to let that happen". "According to some estimates, we would have had to close businesses in order to qualify by 2025". "I'm not going to let it happen".

Norway's head Solberg countered Trump's claim by noting that "there are business opportunities" posed by the Paris accord.

The US president said he pulled the country out of the environmental pact because it was a "bad deal" but said he was not against the thrust of the agreement. And we're not going to let that happen.

It aims to keep the increase in average global temperature at below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Norway's power sector is nearly carbon neutral, with hydropower covering roughly 95% of domestic power generation, even though it is home to the biggest hydrocarbon reserves in Europe and the fifth-largest exporter of crude oil in the world. While the Scandinavian country remains a major exporter of oil and gas, the Norwegian government was among the first to sign on to the landmark Paris climate deal, pledging to meet a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Trump spoke glowingly of Norway's renewable energy. In fact most of your energy or your electricity is produced by hydro. "And it's a great asset that you have".