Operations cancelled amid winter pressure

Operations cancelled amid winter pressure

Some ambulance services resorted to pleading with relatives of the infirm to transport them to hospital themselves, in order to ease the demand placed upon paramedics.

Jeremy Hunt says there's not a crisis in the NHS, because there's a plan to deal with "extreme pressure" which has seen tens of thousands of operations postponed in England. Some 55,000 operations will be affected by the delays.

Adult Social Care also works very closely with the Hospital to help older people stay in their own homes and to help older people in Hospital return home as soon as possible.

The shortage in hospital beds is not the only issue, however, as medical institutions were warned by the National Emergency Pressures Panel (NEPP) to also change their approach to cases which do not require patients to remain in the hospital overnight.

The government must "get a better grip" on the challenges facing the NHS in England, a senior Tory MP has said, as bosses cancelled non-urgent operations.

It came after hospitals reported they were struggling to cope with the surge in patients since Christmas.

That is why we are making these further recommendations today.

Britain's healthcare system is reeling under pressure from limited staff, limited funds, and increasing number of patients during winter months.

A survey in November 2017 by the medical magazine Pulse, found that the majority of Global Positioning System backed the idea of a charge for patients who missed their appointments.

The news comes as the NHS across the country responds to a seasonal crisis with patients said to be at risk in overcrowded hospitals, due to a deluge of patients.

"Patients who spend many hours on a trolley - and these are often elderly patients - they are the sickest patients in our department".

NHS Lothian said it was monitoring the situation closely, adding that "due to current pressures it has been necessary to reschedule some elective procedures".

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said that the NHS is experiencing "enormous pressure", and that this decision reflects that.

"It is the frontline professionals who are doing all they can to protect patients, not ministers".

A spokesperson for the East and North Herts NHS Trust told BOB fm: "The Trust very much appreciates everyone's patience and understanding in helping our staff to provide good quality care for patients, especially those arriving as emergencies".

Speaking to Sky News, he said postponing operations was "absolutely not what I want".