Toyota will bring Alexa to its U.S. cars this year

Toyota will bring Alexa to its U.S. cars this year

The previous two editions of CES in 2016 and 2017 mostly featured Amazon Alexa as the virtual assistant of choice for smart home appliances, but Amazon did not have a booth at the expo, and this is what Google is taking advantage of this year. Google Assistant-powered smart displays will performs most of the functions that smart speakers do, while the display will allow you to watch videos from YouTube, make video calls with Duo and find photos from Google Photos, the company said.

On the show floor, it smoothly scrolled through demo applications popping up info in ways we're used to seeing on our phones or through Android Auto. Supported devices include all Klipsch DTS Play-Fi equipped speakers in the Klipsch Stream wireless multi-room audio system, reference RSB-14 and RSB-8 soundbars, Heritage Wireless speaker The Three, the RW-1 wireless speaker, and Gate the and PowerGate series amplifiers. JBL and Lenovo Group Ltd also are developing smart displays, Google said. However, Google's seemingly direct hit at Amazon comes with the introduction of their Smart Displays, a device that will run on Google Assistant.

CES 2018 provided a platform for the display provider Vuzix which has been trying to make a fresher, advanced model of Google glasses for quite some time now and seems to have finally succeeded. While the company didn't directly attend the event, their product Alexa was found in a range of devices including Kohler's mirror which had the AI inside it. Sounds more like the one from the fairy tales but it was an actual product.

The pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses is definitely a successor to Google's failed product. However, a new Assistant form factor entirely also made its debut this week: smart displays. In its newest TVs, the Korean company will use Google's Assistant. Or if you want to know what smart lights work with Google Home, just search "smart lights".

While last year's push was to get Google's smart speaker lineup up to speed, this year's focus will be on the smart display.

One example: During the demo, Bibo Xu, a Google Assistant product manager, asked for a list of restaurants nearby, then tapped on the screen to select one of the results and bring up its location in Google Maps.

The only possible competitor to Alexa at this point is Google Home, but Alexa has a huge lead: over 4,000 devices can now be controlled by Alexa, the company said, while Google's total is around 1,500.