Florida woman found dead, killed by mistake and 3 people arrested

Florida woman found dead, killed by mistake and 3 people arrested

According to a report in the ABC News, Alexis Ramos-Rivera, 22, and his girlfriend Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes were supposedly hired by Ishnar Lopez Ramos, 35, to kill a woman who was in a relationship with another man, Ramos's romantic rival.

"I get enthusiastic in light of the fact that it just touches me so profoundly that one of our nationals was murdered in such a way finished mixed up character", Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said.

Gloriamarie Quinnones Montes is facing a premeditated murder charge and Alex Ramos Rivera is looking at a first degree murder charge as well, authorities said. Her body was found Tuesday. Reports state that the killer duo forced Zengotita-Torres into the trunk of her vehicle, tortured her for her ATM card, and then suffocated and killed her with garbage bags.

A Florida woman found dead in favor of the street was erroneously focused in a murder-for-enlist plot started by an adoration triangle, police said.

The suspects abducted Zengotita-Torres after following her home, but, according to Gibson, even after the pair realized they had mistaken her for the intended target, they stole her ATM card and killed her anyway.

Lopez Ramos was tracked down through the stolen bank card and was caught while making a withdrawal with it, all while reportedly wearing the victim's clothes. That woman, who was never harmed, and Zengotita-Torres, who was married and the mother of a 14-year-old boy, were co-workers.

Ramos beat the woman until she passed out, Gibson said, and she eventually died of suffocation from the garbage bags.

Montes, Ramos and Rivera are charged with first-degree murder. "This mother, this wife, this daughter - for no reason, at all".

Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson amid a news meeting Friday told correspondents the suspects purposefully focused on the 42-year-old Kissimmee inhabitant due to an instance of mixed up character.

Following a series of transactions, police nabbed Lopez-Ramos, who led them to the other two suspects in the case.

"Every one of the three affirmed this was a murder for enlist and that the casualty was erroneously focused on and killed", the Sheriff said.

The woman who was the intended target of the murder-for-hire plot has been notified about the scheme against her but has denied protective services, deputies said.