The multi-million dollar question - who should Liverpool buy to replace Coutinho?

The multi-million dollar question - who should Liverpool buy to replace Coutinho?

"It was his dream [to move to Barca] and it is the truth when I say he left Liverpool for only one club and we really had to accept that".

Coutinho quit Liverpool for Barcelona last week ending the long-running transfer saga. Oxlade-Chamberlain said that the Reds played good football even when Coutinho did not play.

"When I see Liverpool, I always have the impression they want to make their own game", he added.

"We will be fine without him", said Kevin.

Liverpool's first chance to prove that is at home to all-conquering Premier League leaders Manchester City, live on Sky Sports Premier League, on Sunday.

Their No. 9 is now contracted until the summer of 2020, but Liverpool wants to make sure that, if they have to lose Firmino at any point, then they will be able to command the highest fee possible due to having complete security on the contract front. Do I think I can use him and can he help us?'

"In the end, if you lose five or six players then obviously it can be a little different if you cannot replace them, but we will bring in other players, that's for sure", he said.

The 26-year-old superstar has continuously been linked with a move to either Manchester United or Barcelona, but it seems like Liverpool are now ready to put the Coutinho money to good use and sign the French forward.

"When Phil wasn't in the team we still played great football and we have still incredible players who can score goals - the likes of Mo (Salah), Sadio, Roberto". "That's how the song came about, because you realise that we don't even need Coutinho when we've got Salah". We will go with open eyes through this transfer window but we will not make insane things.

There have been reports of a few alternatives the Reds are lining up to replace Coutinho. "You will probably know before I do".

He reflected that Liverpool's game "worked with Phil really well, sometimes not" and that without him it worked "really well, sometimes not" but said they "don't have to think about that" now he has gone. He is a player of Leipzig. Stranger things have happened though and the lure of playing at Anfield under the charismatic Jurgen Klopp might just see one of the most surprising deals of all time come to fruition in the coming weeks.

"Of course, is a master of the counter attack, so they're a team who can arrive in the finishing area in three or four touches". We had fantastic games with him and not that good games with him, we played good without and not that good with him.