No decision on Sanchez future

With only months remaining on his contract and the ability to negotiate with new clubs for a summer move on the free, the Blue side of Manchester is standing pat on their reported price.

Leroy Sane insists he has nothing to fear from Alexis Sanchez's potential move to Manchester City.

"There is still an opportunity for him [Ozil] to stay".

When asked if United were interested in signing the 29- year-old Chilean worldwide, who is out of contract at the end of the season, Wenger said "nothing is really concrete at the moment". "So the rebuild will be less deep than if all three left".

"I think it's a good investment because we are talking about a top player and I'm hearing that the amount is around £20m".

Guardiola said his focus was on maintaining City's fine form when they travel to Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday. What we believe really is there are some players in the football world if you have the chance to sign them in January, March or July, you have to try and that's it.

"If he has an option now to go from Arsenal to Mancester City or Manchester United, as a footballer who wanted to win trophies and be judged on trophies, Manchester City looks like the place to go".

Mkhitaryan only moved to Old Trafford in 2016, and endured a hard first season in the Premier League. "That's normal when you're at that level". There is no doubt about that, the club are interested.

"So what is the player's calculation?" If Pep wants him again now, I am sure he is thinking I am going to go there the second time round and I am going to do it properly this time'. "What do the agents do?"

In relation to Sanchez all I can say, which everyone else says, is that he is a phenomenal player.

"So that basically, slowly, it's killing the transfers". If UEFA doesn't do anything about that, that's what will happen more and more.

So there you go. "Maybe you ask Arsenal, they decide his future".

"He surely wouldn't just say it for the sake of saying it, there's got to be something going on".

Wenger also dismissed speculation that he could leave the club himself this summer if Arsenal have another disappointing season. But Wenger expects to stay until at least until 2019, when his current deal expires.

But the Frenchman was adamant that he's committed to seeing out his contract.

The Telegraph and the Mirror have both claimed that Man City are prepared to walk away from the deal in January, even if that means losing him to their local rivals. He's always fully committed.

He, however, urged the club to make a move for the forward. I don't want to give you wrong information. You have to try and that's it. "That has nothing to do with my personal situation".