CES 2018: The tech show again has dearth of women

Earlier on Wednesday, the power went out at CES - an annual tech trade show that those in the industry love to hate - leaving everybody in the dark.

The power failure came after heavy rain a day earlier, which had forced Google to shut one of its booths installed in the convention center's vehicle park. Samsung, Intel, LG and Panasonic were among the tech companies that lost power.

Of course, there were tweets that still reminded us of how we take things like electricity for granted especially with parts of Puerto Rico still without power and are still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisers behind CES, blamed the glitch on the heavy rains the day before. "We are grateful to NV Energy for their swift assistance, to our customers and their clients for their patience and to the staff for ensuring the safety and security of all attendees and exhibitors", the statement read.

CES organizers said it was an "isolated" outage and crews were working to restore power.

L O L! Intel, Sony and OREO even got in on the fun and made a decision to let some tweets fly in light of the situation.

Twitter was soon flooded with photos and videos of the eerily darkened halls while some companies pounced on the opportunity to advertise their ware.

According to a statement from CES organizers, power went out at around 11:15 in the morning on January 10.

Many attendees admitted immediately that when the lights went off with a small pop, their first thought was terrorism, while others discussed the irony of a high-tech exposition knocked low by fundamental electrical technology.

Las Vegas, UNITED STATESSony's Aibo robotic dogs are displayed during the 2018 CES in Las Vegas. A few wise-guys conjectured that it happened because someone said, "Alexa, turn off the lights".