Vikings Playoff Preview: 3 Keys to Beating the Saints

Vikings Playoff Preview: 3 Keys to Beating the Saints

Compiling game outcomes and FiveThirtyEight's Elo ratings, writers Jeff Hargarten and MaryJo Webster revealed that among the teams left in the current postseason, no one has lost more playoff games they were predicted to win since 1966 than - wait for it - the Vikings. Bradford was back for the Bears game, but hobbled around in the first half before being pulled for Keenum.

Everyone continues to wonder when the clock will strike midnight for Case Keenum's magical season.

The Eagles haven't played either the Vikings or the Saints this season.

Keenum was nothing more than a perennial backup over his first five seasons in the league before he was called under center in Minnesota after Sam Bradford went down in Week 1 and again in Week 5.

We love how the one kid corrects the other on Teddy Bridgewater being back, noting that he's "still not playing". If the Saints want to avenge their Week 1 loss to the Vikings they will have to give the Vikings a heavy dose of Ingram and Kamara.

But the Vikings have the offensive weapons to avoid those players. That combo was held to 68 total yards in their playoff win against Carolina last week, though. "The 6'6", 265-pounder has 57 catches for 532 yards and eight touchdowns. They are stingy and play the game excellent. He's the team's premier red-zone pass-catching threat and has scored 21 times over the past three years.

Vikings fans, anecdotally, are treating the upcoming playoffs in one of two ways: They are bravely touting how good their 13-3 team is, or they are nervous about Minnesota blowing a game in an unexpected, painful way.