Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

Babe magazine published an account of a 23 year old woman going under a pseudonym, "Grace" who says she was sexually assaulted by Aziz Ansari on a date last year. "When she turned to answer, she says he met her with 'gross, forceful kisses'". Aziz had reportedly sent her a text message the following day, saying the date was "fun".

"Like, he got the check and then it was bada-boom, bada-bing, we're out of there". But, she claims, the experience became unpleasant when he rushed her out of the restaurant after they had finished their meal and took her back to his NY apartment.

The woman, who said she was 22 at the time, claims he kissed and fondled her before undressing her and then went in search for a condom. And she says that he then coerced her into performing oral sex on him. She claims that he performed oral sex on her and asked for the same. "It was literally the most unexpected thing I thought would happen at that moment because I told him I was uncomfortable", she continued. "He really kept doing it after I moved it away". "I didn't leave because I think I was stunned and shocked", she told the magazine.

We are yet to get a response from the Master of None star Aziz Ansari on this.

Grace says she told Aziz to "slow down" but the actor responded, "Where do you want me to f*** you?" After they returned to his apartment, Grace claims that he grew aggressive, repeatedly placing her hand on his crotch, and implementing a move that she referred to as "the claw", which involved him sticking his fingers down her throat and then trying to insert them into her vagina. According to Grace, Ansari turned the compliment into an invitation.

'I didn't get to choose and I prefer red, but it was white wine, ' she recalled. At that point I felt violated. "You ignored clear non-verbal clues; you kept going with advances.' She explains why she is telling him how she felt: 'I want to make sure you're aware so maybe the next girl doesn't have to cry on the ride home". "I think that started a new fire, and it kind of made it more real". "Last night might have been fun for you", she wrote, "it wasn't for me".

Though Ansari responded to Grace's text with an apology mentioning that he "clearly misread things in the moment" it was clear the damage was well and truly done.

Ansari's team did not respond to a request for comment from Babe and did not immediately return a request from Newsweek.