Trump will stay in Washington until spending bill passes, reports say

Trump will stay in Washington until spending bill passes, reports say

The House passed a short-term funding bill on Thursday, but Senate Democrats and a few Republican senators have signaled they may oppose the measure.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked for a vote majority-threshold vote on the House-passed short-term funding bill he knew wouldn't get taken up, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer objected.

So, how does this all end: Often, in stand offs like this, there are clear solutions that are hanging out there top advisers in both parties will acknowledge are the end game, it's just that one or both parties just need to go through the process (or, to put it bluntly, punch themselves out) before getting there. Peters is concerned in part about the lack of a long-term agreement to fund the military.

"Let's fulfill the core responsibilities of Congress. Let's fund the government, provide for the American people, and then resume serious negotiations on the issues that matter most".

"No organization or business would plan a budget month by month, and Congress shouldn't either".

Trump says on Twitter Friday: "Government Funding Bill past (sic) last night in the House of Representatives".

Both DACA and funding the government, however, fall well below CHIP on the priority scale. "The government stays open if they want it to stay open, and it shuts down if they want it to shut down". We can fund the children's health care program for six full years.

He blasted the Democrats for their plan to reject the four-week spending bill, saying they were "holding the entire country hostage" in an effort to win protections for immigrants who came to the USA illegally as children.

Schumer'ss pressing for protections for younger immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, but the White House and Republicans say talks on that issue should be kept separate from legislation to prevent a shutdown.

"We don't have a reliable partner at the White House to negotiate with", said Senator Lindsey Graham, of SC, according to the Washington Post.

For the GOP, it's déjà vu, since independent voters overwhelmingly blamed Republicans for government shutdowns in 1996 and 2013.

"I'm looking for something that President Trump supports".

"There is no way you could lay this at the feet of the president of the United States", Mulvaney said.

Thirty-one percent of respondents said they would blame Democrats, and 10 percent said they would blame all three. But we still have a good number of disagreements.

But that's a much different argument than the ones he's made in the past in support of Republican-led shutdowns under the Obama Administration. It would keep government funding frozen at current levels for four weeks, with no indication Republicans could come up with a full-year spending agreement before February 16.

Senate Democrats have insisted that as part of the government funding process lawmakers resolve the legal status of the more than 700,000 people brought to the USA illegally as children who had been protected under the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

She also said the city plans to help the federal government maintain the National Mall if there's a shutdown.

August 2001: Sens. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) introduce the Dream Act, which creates a pathway for young undocumented immigrants to become permanent legal residents. "The Republican leadership has to get serious about finding a budget deal and quit relying on short-term patches". "We don't want to shut down the government", he said.

"We are not going to weaponize it". The White House and Senate GOP leaders have not yet indicated whether they would accept that offer.

"We can't keep kicking the can down the road", said Schumer, insisting on more urgency in talks on immigration.

Trump said in a morning tweet that Democrats were holding up a resolution over the immigration issue.

"They don't oppose anything in the bill, but they are opposing the bill, " Mulvaney said at the White House.

"Now that we're 13 hours away from a government shutdown that Democrats would initiate and Democrats would own, the craziness of this seems to be dawning on my friend the Democratic Leader".

Rep. John Moolenaar, R-Midland, was wondering whether he'd get home to MI in time for his son's basketball game Friday night. Still, officials said the president has been working the phones trying to avert one. "It's really in the Senate's court to do something".

"You're not getting everything, but you don't have a deadline to do immigration by this weekend. I'm hopeful there can be a resolution to this".

"I still think we're going to get a deal", a senior administration official said, even if it comes at "midnight".