Britain able to have bespoke deal with EU - Macron

Britain able to have bespoke deal with EU - Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has indicated the United Kingdom could get a special trade deal when it leaves the European Union, saying it would potentially be between "full access and a trade agreement".

In remarks released Saturday, Macron told the BBC's Andrew Marr television program that Britain can not maintain its full access to the EU's single market if it doesn't accept the bloc's founding principles, including the free movement of people and the jurisdiction of European Union courts.

The BBC reported Macron saying the United Kingdom could have "deeper relations" with the European Union than other countries, but maintained stopping short of full Single Market access since Britain is leaving the bloc.

"Sure, you will have your own solution", Macron said in an excerpt from the interview published by the BBC, ".but this special way should be consistent with the preservation of the single market".

Essentially President Macron is looking for a negotiated Brexit deal that is in France's interest.

'It doesn't make sense, ' he told Marr.

The Brexit secretary, David Davis, has said he is seeking a "Canada plus plus plus" arrangement, based on the EU-Canada trade treaty, but with additional access for services.

"It's a mistake when you just ask "yes" or 'no" when you don't ask people how to improve the situation and explain how to improve it'.

Previous year in July, France's top military chief, Gen. Pierre de Villiers, offered his resignation after President Macron said publicly that he would be the one to determine military policy and implicitly criticized General de Villiers for questioning the government's proposed budget cuts. "I mean, I do respect this vote, I do regret this vote, and I would love to welcome you again".

On his first visit to the United Kingdom this week, President Macron signed a treaty with Theresa May to speed up the processing of migrants in Calais.

Dr Lisa Doyle, Director of Advocacy at the Refugee Council, said, "We warmly welcome the commitment made by the British and French governments to speed up the process by which people desperately wanting to reach their relatives are able to do so".

She said both leaders remained committed to the "Le Touquet" border agreement in Calais - the United Kingdom has announced an extra £44.5m to be spent on beefing up Channel border security.

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In an interview with Andrew Marr he was asked whether a special trade agreement with Britain was possible.