Rumor Has it: Microsoft make takeover EA

Rumor Has it: Microsoft make takeover EA

Given how big both EA and Valve are, though, they could be asking for more than Microsoft is willing to part with in order to make an acquisition to get some more exclusives for the Xbox One. We'll have more on this if anything else surfaces. Sources say that the multi-billion dollar company is shopping for top-tier properties. Microsoft and EA would, well, make a lot of sense. Probably the least of these revolves around exclusive gaming.

Analysts seem to agree that Microsoft would seek the aforementioned companies in their effort to elevate first-party game development.

First off, as Polygon points out in their article, you need to remember that for as valuable as EA is, their worth pales in comparison to Microsoft's total value.

This latest is now available on Xbox One, following its launch at 4 a.m. ET (9 a.m. United Kingdom time) on January 30. The company simply can't rely on Forza and Halo for the next five years. Every "Madden" comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Bluehole does seem like the obvious purchase, PUBG is already exclusive to Microsoft platforms and is a fairly new company.

Microsoft has allegedly been eyeing up a number of surprising investments including EA and Valve, according to a new report. Again, this wouldn't be a play for exclusivity, but one to significantly bolster the Games Pass catalog, and at the same time grow the Games Pass subscription base by adding all those EA Access users. But with a reported $130 billion in its cash reserves, it's a price Microsoft could afford. Right now, we'll have to sit back and wait.

In the game's newest Xbox One patch, which is now live, players will take more damage when in vehicles, and deal less damage by running people over.

Apple and Facebook and Amazon...

... If Facebook and Amazon enter the gaming market in a big way (not to mention Apple, if it "goes there" too), the landscape changes significantly and quickly.

So who should Microsoft buy? In truth, probably not. One of the names supposedly being thrown around is EA.

We know that game sales are roughly 60/40 in favour of PS4 due to the larger install base and there is no way that Disney, FIFA, and the National Football League will want to lose such a huge revenue stream.