Don't Miss! Aamir Khan talks about his first love

Don't Miss! Aamir Khan talks about his first love

"I hope there's love and happiness in your life", he said, wishing his fans.

Twitterati in a unanimous voice expressed their eagerness to know about "Aamir ka Pehla Nasha", a social media sentiment that soon started trending strongly in the country. One of the tinsel town celebrities who shared with their fans and followers on social media about how they celebrated the day of love was Aamir Khan.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan began his Valentine's Day on Wednesday listening to his iconic song, Pehla Nasha, from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Soon the request reached Aamir who made a decision to share his "unrequited" love story. The actor described his situation as being similar to the lyrics of the song "Udta hi phiroon, inn hawaaon mein kahin (I am flying somewhere in the air)". Around 40-50 kids. There I saw a girl and was just dumb-struck. I used to think of her day and night.

"There is great excitement among people to know my pehla nasha", he said in a video post on his page.

Celebrating the essence of the day, Aamir Khan gave a flawless treat this Valentine's Day to his fans. They could not get into a relationship though as Aamir could not muster the courage to approach her. When two, three times I fell in love, it was always unrequited.

Speaking of his first love, he said: "I fell head over heels in love with her and was totally besotted by her".

The Superstar kickstarted the day wishing netizens by sharing that Pehla Nasha is one of his personal favourite romantic tracks.

Aamir Khan is now shooting for THUGS OF HINDOSTAN.