A look at past Chinese New Year celebrations in Cleveland (vintage photos)

A look at past Chinese New Year celebrations in Cleveland (vintage photos)

People might decorate their houses with red paper cutouts, banners and New Year paintings, many of which this year will be dog-themed.

- On the lunar Chinese calendar each year is represented by a zodiac animal.

The Lunar New Year lands between January 21 and February 20, and falls on Friday this year. Fireworks and making dumplings with family members are the most important elements of this festival. The dog and rooster are among a dozen animals in the Chinese zodiac that are used to represent different years. In honor of the new year cycle, various spots around town get in a celebratory mood, and visitors are welcome to join in.

Reception pupils at St Patrick's School got a first-hand experience of Chinese culture and food when they visited the town's Canton Chef restaurant.

President Moon Jae-in on Thursday extended Lunar New Year's greetings to citizens, saying this year's celebration of the holiday is special because it involves athletes from North Korea and other countries that are competing in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Children are given red envelopes with money inside, for good luck. Usually, young kids, students and unmarried adults will receive red envelopes from the family. Fish in Chinese is called "Yu" which means prosperity and good fortune.

Head to Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast through February 18 to purchase the sweet treat Nian Gao-a traditional gold-brick-shaped New Year sweet rice cake that symbolizes prosperity and opportunity.

For travellers heading to China, where is the best place to celebrate the New Year without the crowds?

"It is believed that the bigger they make food offerings to their ancestors, the more incomes they will earn from their businesses in the New Year", he said. What you can expect in Buddhist temples are lighting incense, trying special temple-made Chinese food, enjoying lovely lanterns and hearing some chanting.

Chhun Lang, a fruit seller at Chbar Ampov Market, said: "Sales are very good a few days leading up to the New Year festival, and sale volume increases several times on the occasion if compared to normal days".