Rippon embraces role at Olympics

Rippon embraces role at Olympics

"Also! Quick movie idea for you: You (played by you) tweet me in the middle of the night at the Olympics and I (played by me) die immediately". Despondent and wondering if they'd ever get another shot at the Olympics, Rippon and Nagasu - longtime friends who both skated in Southern California - tried to console each other. It's a long way from where they were four years ago.

But Adam Rippon is unlike any figure skater you know.

"I could feel the pressure".

"I'd do a few days having my three pieces of bread and then finish the whole loaf of bread and have 3,000 calories", Rippon said. "It's something really personal between me and her".

Rippon has always been vocal with his criticisms of the Vice President. But he doesn't just want to be defined as a gay skater — he and freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy are the only two openly gay USA athletes here — but rather as an Olympic medalist who is gay.

Rippon said he would "do something positive", and has suggested he might hold a pro-gay rights event.

"I'm going to go to Target and I'm going to get a bottle of Sauvignon blanc, Oyster Bay, with the twist top, immediately", he said.

In this episode, we talk about Glen's distaste for the Winter Olympics (like the Summer Olympics without swimming and with more parkas), Sam's memories of just how complicated a logistical endeavor the Olympics really can be, and the "temporary city-states" that have to be built. He's clashed with Vice President Mike Pence on occasion, but has retained a level voice. "I think America's just catching up". "He said, "Not now - I'm at the Olympics, for heaven's sake'".

There was the humor again, though Rippon does have a serious message from these games.

Pence's office contacted Adam Rippon's agent and asked to have a conversation or some kind of meeting, which the skater declined at this time so he could focus on training, competing and supporting his teammates, Kelly Rippon said. They might now want to get to know me. You should respect the House for what it is and what it represents for the country...