Meek Mill Could Have Sentence Overturned Due To Possible Police Corruption

Meek Mill Could Have Sentence Overturned Due To Possible Police Corruption

The attorneys have filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition, claiming that the rapper's conviction in 2008 was based on reports from a biased or lying police officer. Graham, Gibson said, falsely accused the then 19-year-old of pointing a gun at police as they attempted to arrest him outside of a suspected drug stash house in Southwest Philadelphia.

In one, Jerold Gibson stated he was present at Mill's 2007 arrest and contradicted several material facts from Graham's testimony at trial. "Stante, who hails from Slovenia, gave jailed rapper Meek Mill a strong showing of support on the worldwide stage after flashing a "#FreeMeekMill" sign on the back of his snowboard. According to Gibson, Mill never pointed a gun at Graham or anyone else and Graham only claimed that Mill did so once he was in custody. Graham retired in 2017 after 22 years and over 400 arrests - his name was reportedly put on the list four months after he left the force.

Meek's legal team is raising the issue due to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report about a list of Philly cops with a history of lying, abuse and racial bias. Walker also claimed that Graham fabricated the probable cause for search warrants and lied about the justification for warrantless searches.

In addition to referencing the Inquirer's report, Meek's lawyers cited sworn affidavits from two former Philadelphia police officers who question Graham's credibility. According to the docs, Graham frequently stole and kept money that was recovered during searches and arrests, beat people who were considered suspects and even admitted to Walker that he beat Meek in 2007 or 2008.

With this newly discovered evidence brought forth by Mill's team, his attorneys are seeking the rapper's release on bond and a new trial, if the charges are not voluntarily withdrawn or dismissed.