Trump plans on replacing portion of food stamps with food

Trump plans on replacing portion of food stamps with food

"The White House called the new plan a" Blue Apron-type delivery program".

Milk Mulvaney who now serves as the White House Budget director said that the program will be similar to the meal-kit delivery service which has for years proven to be very dominant.

President Trump is looking to cut as much as $17.2 billion dollars from the Federal SNAP Program and replace its funding with a boxed food delivery program.

In a statement provided to The Hill, Agriculture Secretary Sonny PerdueGeorge (Sonny) Ervin PerdueThe Hill's 12:30 Report Agriculture chief Sonny Perdue is "designated survivor" for Trump's State of the Union Live coverage: Trump delivers his first State of the Union MORE defended the "bold, innovative approach" to feeding the nation's hungry. The package was described in the budget as consisting of "shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit and vegetables".

The proposal would change the supplemental nutrition assistance program.or SNAP.once known as food stamps.

Having the government buy people's food would be less efficient than letting them buy it themselves, said Stacy Dean, a nutrition assistance expert at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The change would affect approximately 38 million people, according to CNN.

Currently, SNAP gives 42 million Americans a food voucher averaging $125 per person that can be redeemed for nearly any food product in a grocery store.

The USDA also said the Harvest Box idea would save $129 billion over the next ten years, and all the food in the boxes would be grown in the U.S.

Andrew Lemmon, program director at Society of St. Andrew, said about 600,000 Mississippians are food insecure and often have to make tough decisions on whether to buy food or other expenses.

Roberts said, "The proposed changes would be absolutely devastating to the approximately 118,000 food insecure people we serve here at Tri-State Food Bank".

"Sometimes (food stamps) would be half of today's income, sometimes there are days when it gets to be more" Fadel said. They would be required to pay for that box with their benefits.

"Perhaps this proposal would save money in one account, but based on our decades of experience in the program, it would increase costs in other areas that would negate any savings". "In the meantime, we will continue working with the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure the almost one million SNAP recipients in Tennessee have access to nutritional assistance through the program". I'm sure of that, from the proposal I've seen.