Oxfam re-hired man sacked over sexual misconduct allegations in Haiti

Oxfam re-hired man sacked over sexual misconduct allegations in Haiti

Former Oxfam employee Roland Van Hauwermeiren, at the heart of the scandal involving prostitutes during a humanitarian mission to Haiti, reacted Thursday for the first time.

"But you should know that a lot of people, including in the worldwide media, will blush with shame when they hear my version of the facts", he told De Standaard.

"There are things that are correctly described".

A statement from the 86-year-old to The Telegraph read: "Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has supported Oxfam International's good work for many years, most recently as one of its global ambassadors". Parties every week? Chic villas? Women paid with money from the organisation?"Van Hauwermeiren told the paper that he would respond further through a lawyer in due course, adding: "It is especially tough that my family no longer want to see me."Reuters could not reach Van Hauwermeiren for comment".

The NCA has been "closely monitoring" allegations of overseas abuse and has said it has a range of powers to investigate certain sexual offences committed outside the UK.

Mr van Hauwermeiren admitted certain details that had come to light were accurate.

Actress Minnie Driver has stepped down as one of Oxfam's global ambassadors following revelations of sexual abuse by aid workers in Haiti.

Oxfam has denied a cover-up of the 2011 allegations, following claims it did not sack Mr van Hauwermeiren in order to avoid reputational damage.

Oxfam has apologised for the behaviour of aid workers, but denies a coverup, the CNN said. "Everything I see everywhere is hard to bear and pains me".

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has quit as an ambassador of Oxfam in light of the worldwide charity's sex scandal.

Ms Evans said that staff had been accused of rape and that sexual abuse by shop managers in United Kingdom stores against young volunteers was covered up. Lawrence was worldwide programmes director from 2006 to 2014, when she became deputy chief executive.

But it stressed the dismissal of Damien Berrendorf, who served as the Oxfam's country director in Haiti from 2012 to 2017, was "not related to sexual misconduct" and was "not connected to the case in 2011".

She said: "It is appalling to hear the news of the men that have abused the people they were there to help".

Oxfam receives around 36 million euros a year of funding from the British government, and some 68 million euros from the European Commission.

She was due on Thursday to meet with law enforcement to discuss possible prosecution, following claims Oxfam workers paid for sex with prostitutes in Haiti, where prostitution is illegal, after the 2010 natural disaster.

An Oxfam spokeswoman on Wednesday said the aid agency had received 1,270 cancellations of donations by direct debit between Saturday and Monday - compared to a normal monthly average of 600.