Twitter will stop supporting its Mac desktop app in a month

Twitter will stop supporting its Mac desktop app in a month

Twitter has announced that it will no longer support its Mac desktop client.

A member of the Trusted Reviews editorial team fired up the client on February 17 and was shocked to find that it's still restricted to posting 140-character tweets.

Third-party apps such as Tweetbot and in-house dashboard apps like TweetDeck consistently provided a more user-friendly experience than Twitter's own Mac app.

The award-winning aftermarket application is equipped with a slew of neat features, including support for multiple accounts and powerful muting tools. The move hearkens to Twitter's decisions for the Windows platform, from where it has pulled both its Twitter and TweetDeck apps. According to the tweet, the firm will be "focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that's consistent across platforms". For a normal company, ending a product that everyone feels pretty good about wouldn't be a likely potential outcome, but Twitter isn't exactly known for making choices in lockstep with the desires of its opinionated user base. "For the full Twitter experience on Mac, visit Twitter on Web", the handle adds. Implicit in that message is that Twitter thinks we're stupid.

Thanks, Dave. I mean, sure, Twitter could have used that thread as inspiration to pull its corporate head out of its corporate butt, but instead, they're killing the Mac client. Are you satisfied with the Twitter Web interface?