Google Assistant is adding Routines and location-based reminders

Google Assistant is adding Routines and location-based reminders

This would bring the total number of languages that the Assistant can respond in to 30, but the company intends to support even more languages.

Additionally, users will now be able to set location-based reminders through Assistant on a smart speaker.

Device-specific Assistant commands to launch custom hardware and software features. It now supports eight languages - French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese - so Google has 22 more to add over the next 10 months.

Whew, that's a lot and I'm really excited for everything that's coming to Assistant this year.

The Assistant launched widely this time a year ago, but it was only available in one language - English - at the time.

This is a massive improvement, and having 30 languages will mean Google Assistant surpasses Apple's Siri which now supports 20. Do you all use Google Assistant?

Google also announced the launch of Routines for Assistant today, as well as location-based reminders.

But soon it will understand English, French and German at the same time - however, you will have to stick to the same language for each question or command you issue to Assistant.

Specifically, Google Assistant is adding support for six routines aimed at tackling tasks in the morning as you're trying to get out the door, during your commute to and from work, and upon your arrival back at home. The objective of this is to allow manufacturers to create better integrations with the Assistant into their phones, including things like device-specific commands and ensuring the Assistant responds even when your phone's screen is off.

One other highlight of interest noted by Google is that they're working with OEM partners and carriers to expand Assistant capabilities as well under the Assistant Mobile OEM program. Perhaps more exciting, Google notes that "we'll also have new integrations from LG, Sony Mobile and Xiaomi". Google's going to start working with phone carriers so that the Assistant can be used to check your current data usage and other plan details. Sprint, Koodo, Telus and Vodafone are the first to actively develop Assistant integrations, with many more "coming soon". Through Google's Assistant Carrier program, the search giant says that wireless providers will be able to work with the digital assistant to let subscribers access customer support, add new services and get information about their monthly plan.