Amazon fixes cause of Alexa's 'creepy' laugh

Amazon fixes cause of Alexa's 'creepy' laugh

Whether it be "Hey Siri", "Ok Google", or "Alexa", it can become increasingly tiresome, especially if you're trying to have a fluid conversation. With Follow-Up Mode, Alexa will listen for 5 seconds after she's done responding to you to see if you have anything else to ask.

It doesn't explain why some people have noticed the Echo's blue ring doesn't light up when Alexa laughs, nor that she doesn't make the usual chime sound that indicates she actually heard what you said.

Market research indicates that 35.6 million Americans use voice-activated digital assistants, with Amazon devices now making up around 70 percent of the market, and that within the next four years, 55 percent of American households will own their own #Digital home assistant device.

The original programmed prompt will also be disabled so there shouldn't be any more accidental laughing sessions emerging from your digital device.

The random laugh is different from the "tee-hee" laugh Alexa gives when asked if it can laugh. For example, you can't say, "Alexa, turn off the lights and lock the front door". Immediately following the AI's response, the user can say, "set the thermostat to 24", and Alexa will confirm the second command. Amazon is calling the new setting "follow-up mode", and while it won't let you nest one request into another, it will let you ask make multiple requests back to back.

The report says that Alexa will only respond if it is "confident" that you're asking another question and that it's not just background noise. Select your device then toggle the Follow-Up Mode switch. It now only supports English.