Actions on Google get better media playback, more subscriptions, and custom commands

Actions on Google get better media playback, more subscriptions, and custom commands

A couple of proofs of concept are coming to SXSW for this new Custom Device Actions program by Google for Google Assistant.

Early adopters of the media response API include CNBC and The Daily Show. Previously Google has maintained grammar and structure for commands, but under this new feature, Google will allow developers to specify any grammar and command to be executed by their device; this means commands like "set the oven to 180-degrees" or "put the washing machine on a delicate wash" can be added. Previous carousels made available to developers could be used for visual aids but were made primarily to lead back into a voice experience. They will be able to turn off the display and still continue listening to the audio.

The last big Assistant addition is a feature called Custom Device Actions, which allows an Assistant device to use highly specific voice commands.It sounds like it's only for devices with embedded Assistant such as the Nest Cam IQ and the range of smart speakers announced at CES.

Assistant will now also be able to show you information in a carousel like view within the Assistant panel. For instance, you can be notified of news alerts when they happen. According to a blog post by Google, Assistant Actions will now support "Custom Device Actions". Esquire and Forbes are some of the websites that have added the new functionality.

Developers can take advantage of most of these features right now.

Google is also adding in updated payment options for developers to tie into, with Assistant able to recognise that you have a paid for subscription in say Google Play and tie that to a command given in Assistant. Users can expect to see these features roll out as they get adopted.

Before now, users had to invoke an Action by saying "talk to LG" before issuing a command but now a user can directly say what he or she wants LG's connected appliance to do making the process much faster and interaction more natural. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.