Florida passes bill to ban marriage of anyone under 17

Florida passes bill to ban marriage of anyone under 17

They stood outside Bowen Tire and Auto on Frederica Street in Owensboro for more than an hour Saturday morning. "We're going to get out of here on time and save the taxpayers money", said Del. This is what we have.

Senate President Stivers said the decision not to vote on the bill had nothing to do with the demonstration of teachers rallying against it in the hallway but the people screaming those chants found that hard to believe.

This week in Kentucky politics, the state senate chose to not vote on a controversial pension bill as teachers and other state workers protested at the state capitol.

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The Democrat-controlled Assembly's bills focus more on gun control measures, while the Republican-controlled Senate's measures focus on funding for school safety initiatives, like putting a school resource officer in every building, paying for door buzzers and cameras, and hiring a mental health services coordinator for schools.

Teachers have called lawmakers and packed legislative committee rooms to show their opposition.

Meanwhile, the protests at local schools will occur Thursday as a result of organizing by KEA, the state's teacher union. Salary increases for the remainder of public employees is a result of increases to personnel line items for each state agency. Kentucky has one of the worst-funded public pension systems in the country.

"Our friends in the House stripped that out in an attempt to say that they did something in the face of these women, all for political glory", said state Sen". Bevin, Kentucky's Republican governor, says the true number is far higher than that.

Charles Clements, R-Wetzel said that "This is a very important piece of legislation to keep our royalty owners and people informed and I support this bill 110 %". "My goal was to protect our children and I feel like my mission has been accomplished".

The state Department of Finance and Administration projected that a proposal allowing Arkansans to use funds from their 529 college savings plans for K-12 expenses would cost the state up to $5.2 million a year.

Republican Sen. Joe Bowen sponsored the bill saying it would save the state $3.2 billion over the next 20 years. Hundreds of teachers chanted outside the Senate chamber for most of the day, erupting in cheers when they got the news. Head said that legislation is part of an ongoing solution to the drug epidemic in Indiana. "So I think that had a lot to do with today", said Jessica Hiler, president of the Fayette County Education Association. "It's unfortunate that this bill is needed to rein in unscrupulous people in my profession, but I hope it will help us turn the tide against this awful epidemic".

"One of the things that we've learned is that there are issues in workplaces across the state and ours was no different", Benacquisto said.