WhatsApp extends Delete for All message time limit

WhatsApp extends Delete for All message time limit

The latest version of the WhatsApp beta app can be found in the Store here.

NEW DELHI:Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently introduced the Delete for Everyone feature which enables users to delete the messages they sent by mistake. "A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore". At the time of the launch, it was mentioned that users only had seven minutes to revoke the sent message. It will now offer iOS users a chance to erase a message for everyone under 4,096 seconds or 68 minutes as media reported on Sunday. The company has noticed that some of the users are using the modified version of the app and are deleting their 3 year old messages.

According to WABetaInfo report, the feature works by sending a message to the recipient whenever the sender tries to delete a message for everyone. The website explains that when the user deletes a message for everyone, WhatsApp sends a new message with the same ID of the message that user wants to delete to the recipient (s). It then checks the date related information of the message saved in the database. When the recipient received this particular message contained the revoke request, WhatsApp checked if the ID of the message was present in the database and directly deleted it.

The caveats that have always applied to this feature still apply: short of brainwashing someone, the effectiveness of the feature is limited if your friends have already opened up the message. With the new updated algorithm, WhatsApp will now delete only those messages which have been sent within 24 hours.

With this new addition, WhatsApp is sticking to 24 hours as a reference time period in order to ensure that the recipient or recipients in case of group chat have ample time to receive the revoke request.