Will Android Wear Soon be Rebranded as Wear OS?

Will Android Wear Soon be Rebranded as Wear OS?

Whatever the reason for the apparent stagnation in the Android Wear ecosystem, it appears that Google is looking to shake things up-starting with a rebranding of the OS to 'Wear OS'. The user didn't mention in the post which Android Wear-powered smartwatch was being set up.

Android Wear initially launched for Google OS toting devices only, but the company has since opened it up to be compatible with iPhones too. It remains unclear whether Google will go forth with the changes, but it makes sense to see changes like this since Android Wear hasn't performed as well as Google has hoped in recent memory. However, it appears that Google might be about to give its Android Wear platform a makeover, thereby reigniting interest in the sector. Motorola, Huawei, Skagen, Fossil, LG, Tag Heuer, ZTE and others have an ever-expanding range of smartwatches to suffice factors like stylish designs, exceptional advanced features, increased functionality, and cost.

While it still has "Google" in the name, it's another step away from the Android name and the search giants continues to shift products that aren't just available on Android (or will be in the future), under its own name. Unlike its previous grey display background, the Android wear 2.8 now features a darker background display.

The revised algorithm seems to create a fizz among the developers.

There has been no official word from Google on the new name.

Meanwhile, you should know that Google has recently announced the update for Android smart wearables. The steps emerge as a new development towards releasing Fuchsia, forthcoming Android OS. The Wear OS branding is also similar to Apple's watchOS platform used on the Apple Watch.