Spotify launched in South Africa at R60/month

Spotify launched in South Africa at R60/month

By experimenting with the tool, Line-In, it hopes to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so that it can improve experiences for both listeners and artists. From there, users can recommend "mood", "genre", "aliases", and other tags to add to Spotify's metadata ecosystem.

Desktop users can access Line-In by clicking on the three dotes next to each artist, song or album. Based on the pricing of company stock traded on private markets, the company, launched in 2008 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is valued at $23.4 billion.

It's worth noting that Spotify treats all these data submissions as suggestions; users don't have the ability to directly edit the metadata for music in Spotify's catalog. They also check to see on how accurate your past suggestions have been.

ITWeb is attending the official launch on Tuesday and will provide more details as they become available. And if you completely mess up on your hip-hop test, you might have a harder time making your future contributions about the genre count.

Spotify, the world's largest music, podcast, and video streaming service was officially launched in Israel this afternoon at 4pm. The leading streaming music provider remains Spotify, which has 71 million paid customers for its premium service. The premium service will be priced at $6 (NIS 19.9) per month and include tracks by local and global artists as well as playlists compiled by local radio stations and celebrities.