'American Idol' ABC premiere draws 10.3 million viewers

'American Idol' ABC premiere draws 10.3 million viewers

America Idol is officially back.

Most of the young aspiring singers auditioning for American Idol Season 16 were born and raised in America.

"American Idol" feels like the show we knew and loved", added Nick Paschal of Yahoo Entertainment, noting that the "talent level was pretty high during the premiere".

The rebooted version drew a 2.3 rating in adults between 18 and 49, which is not that far off from the 2016 final season premier which garnered a 3.0 rating and 10.96 million viewers. Despite that, it easily won the night for ABC. Ryan Seacrest returned as the host of the series. When Glaze leaned in to kiss her cheek, Perry quickly turned her head to achieve lip-to-lip contact, sending Glaze to the ground and delighting fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Per ABC, the "Idol" launch delivered ABC's largest audience on a Sunday night in four years. "News" stylist, which was enough to make Best Actress nominees at the Oscars avoid his red-carpet interviews just a week earlier. Season 15 averaged a 2.3 rating and 9.4 million viewers on Wednesdays and a 2.2 and 9.1 million viewers on Thursdays.

"Idol" also faced some stiff competition in the guise of AMC's "The Walking Dead".

For the most part, the new "American Idols" gained positive reviews from critics.

As much as ABC's preliminary "Idol" deliveries are reassuring for this day and age, they're all but insignificant in comparison to the Fox-run "Idol" of old.