YouTube Brings Dark Theme To Its Mobile Apps

YouTube Brings Dark Theme To Its Mobile Apps

It looks like Google is in the process of rolling out a new update for the YouTube app, which will add a new dark mode, similar to the one that's been released on desktop previous year.

YouTube has added a much requested feature to its mobile apps.

In order to activate the dark theme, tap on your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the YouTube app, tap Settings and you'll see a toggle for Dark Theme near the top of the page.

Google also teased the feature as recently as January, when the dark mode was found within the app's code. The playback screen featured a more consistent skinning, and we already saw developers fine-tuning the shades of dark gray tones being employed.

The company is today rolling out a new dark theme for YouTube on the iPhone, and it'll be bringing the new dark theme to Android devices sometime soon. Set to roll out on iOS in the coming days, the dark theme (as it has been officially dubbed) turns all of the white space black and swaps the text from black to white. At the time, the feature was said to be available for some mobile users.

The update is rolling out to iOS users today and should arrive soon for Android users.

With the update, YouTube joins a growing list of apps that feature a dark mode.

Dark theme is not just a cool addition, it can be easier on the eyes of users after a long period of time.