Taylor Swift Shares Rehearsal Footage of Her 'Delicate' Moves

Taylor Swift Shares Rehearsal Footage of Her 'Delicate' Moves

Taylor Swift is known for some cleverly hidden references in her music videos which eagle-eyed fans always spot.

Jonze's Kenzo video featured Margaret Qualley ducking out of a glitzy gala to go choreographically berserk.

We promise you're gonna think twice about Taylor Swift's "Delicate" music video after seeing this KENZO perfume ad that looks scarily similar...

The video shows off the very best of Swift and what endears her to her legions of fans - the ideal of a goofy and real person that always manages to fight its way up through her veneer of celebrity. The perfume ad sees a discontent young star break away from a fancy event, make amusing faces and then frantically dance around a gorgeous lobby. When she realizes her new invisibility, Swift begins to break out into silly dance moves.

Controversy seems to follow Taylor Swift, so this video release wasn't without its own share of drama - many claim the video copied Spike Jonze's ad for Kenzo, as well as singer Sia's moves.

The idea of not being seen is so freeing for Swift that she joyously tears off part of her long gown, kicks off her shoes and dances barefoot à la Maddie Ziegler-style through the venue, the subway and then in a city street in the rain.

They pointed out there appeared to be some similarities to a Kenzo perfume advert, directed by U.S. producer and actor Spike Jonze, which was released a year ago.

So far, no word from Swift or Kahn about the commentary surrounding the similarities.