This ICE Spokesperson Said He Couldn't Continue Lying, So He Quit

This ICE Spokesperson Said He Couldn't Continue Lying, So He Quit

The row has unfolded amid the resignation of a San Francisco spokesman for ICE, who said he could no longer represent the agency after Trump administration officials repeatedly made false public statements about the Northern California raids.

It was when Schwab presented the issue to ICE leadership that they advised him to deflect to statements that he alleges "did not clarify the wrong information".

"I just couldn't bear the burden - continuing on as a representative of the agency and charged with upholding integrity, knowing that information was false", he told CNN on Monday. "They asked me to deflect, and I didn't agree with that". "Those are 800 wanted criminals that are now at large, 800 wanted criminals that ICE will now have to pursue by other means, with more difficulty, in unsafe situations, all because of one irresponsible action", Sessions said during his visit last week to California.

Sessions and the ICE department accused the mayor of allowing 800 unsafe illegal immigrants to roam the city, a number Schwab said was "misleading".

"Director Homan and the Attorney General said there were 800 people at large and free to roam because of the actions of the Oakland Mayor", Schwab told CNN.

"Efforts by local politicians have shielded removable criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and created another magnet for more illegal immigration, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people it purports to protect", Homan said in a statement. "To say that 100 percent are unsafe criminals on the street, or that those people weren't picked up because of the misguided actions of the mayor, is just wrong".

In fact, Schwab told Oakland Fox affiliate KTVU that the raid netted more arrests than initially planned.

Their claims were questioned by critics - and now by Schwab, a veteran public affairs officer who had worked at the Defense Department and NASA. But his statement that placing blame on Schaaf for "800 unsafe people out there is just false" does peel back the curtain on a small part of a government that's all too comfortable spreading misinformation. She told the story of Maria Mendoza-Sanchez, a mother of four and nurse at an Oakland public hospital, who was deported last August despite having no criminal record.

"Even one criminal alien on the street can put public safety at risk and as Director Homan stated, while we can't put a number on how many targets avoided arrest due to the mayor's warning, it clearly had an impact", Johnson wrote. "I'd never have someone say, 'Why do I have to call an interpreter?" "While we disagree with Mr. Schwab on this issue, we appreciate his service and wish him well". Very risky. She really made law enforcement much more unsafe than it had to be. Then Trump characterized Schaaf's action as "a disgrace," and said ICE was going to arrest "close to 1,000 people", but only got "a fraction" because of her warning. I think she could have had other options.

In California alone, ICE said it arrested 20,201 people suspected of residing in the USA illegally previous year, saying that 81 percent of them reportedly had criminal convictions.