This Is Us season 2: Randall - Tess flash-forward theories

This Is Us season 2: Randall - Tess flash-forward theories

What the heck happened?!

In a weird "what if" moment, This Is Us explores the 40th wedding anniversary of Jack and Rebecca, had he not died after the fire. But life is cruel and unfair sometimes. Kate is second-guessing her relationship after Toby forgets her dad's old shirt.

As the title implies, the This Is Us Season 2 finale will feature Kate and Toby's wedding.

So says Hannah Zeile, the 20-year-old actress whose star is quickly rising thanks to her pitch-perfect performance as teen-aged Kate Pearson on the NBC family drama. In the season 2 finale, titled "The Wedding", Kevin and Randall take on the role as wedding planners for Kate and Toby's - or, rather, Ka-Toby's - wedding at the Pearson family cabin.

While Kate goes missing, Kevin and Randall go searching for her.

Why it might not be her: The scene of Deja wrecking the vehicle was juxtaposed with the scene of Randall and adult Tess talking, which is a classic set up for a This Is Us head fake.

Cousin Zoe made a huge impact in just one short hour, and while her positive influence on Deja is clearly a work in progress - that kid still has a lot of anger and frustration to work through - Zoe is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. Maybe Deja didn't do it, but something bad could have happened to Beth and so Randall and Tess are scared to go see her in whatever condition she's in.

Rebecca is stressing over what to wear to the wedding. "It sort of makes you wistful for what could have been", she explained.

"I think we've all been holding our breath for a long time".

"I can't tell you who the "her" is, but we'll be definitely following up on it in season three", Berger said. Miguel is sweet and reminds her that at least she's not him. The shirt was going to be her something old.

Over the course of the finale, we discovered that Deja's (Lyric Ross) mom terminated her parental rights to allow Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) to legally adopt her. Seated next to him isn't his childhood flame, Sophie, or Olivia, or Sloane, but Beth's younger cousin, Zoe, whom he connected with at Kate and Toby's reception - over his wedding toast of all things.

Beth: She might kill us both in our sleep. She refuses to speak to her foster parents, and has lost any desire to act socially acceptable. Who do you think Randall and Tess are talking about in the future? Deja comes around after Zoe's talk. The old ice cream shop has been sold and revamped, so the flavor is gone. On their way, they both realize they should have been there more for Kate over the years.

It wasn't clear who the "her" they are referring to is, but it's obvious that whatever happens to this person is not good.

'It's all open right now, so you might as well take a few months off not to worry and save your worry for season three, ' she added. His parents don't want to see Toby get so low again. Kate, too, understood the depth to her responses to Rebecca's words and actions. The dream is way it was supposed to be. Rebecca is and has been an amazingly strong and powerful woman, and that's been something Kate has felt inadequate against. They do eventually find her at the tree stump after she's spread Jack's ashes.

"We didn't know what was going on with it".

Zeile's dedication to keeping her lips sealed is no joke - the show's precious plot points are shrouded in such secrecy, the actors barely know what's in store for their characters. That's not really her choice to make, right? Rebecca is Kate's way.

Older Kate tells the urn, "You remember when the carnival would come to town every summer with those old roller coasters?" "You are my way".