Microsoft's new gaming cloud division could change gaming forever

Microsoft's new gaming cloud division could change gaming forever

Long term it's likely to tie into Microsoft's admission that console gaming generations are likely to become a thing of the past. Microsoft had formed a team for the cloud division and is ready to talk about the project.

"When we kicked off Xbox One X, it was probably a little more than 3 years before we actually launched, so we were taking some very.calculated estimates".

A report from The Verge reveals Microsoft is encouraging developers and game publishers to make use of Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure. The company announced in the beginning of this year that it's looking to boost spending to add cloud capacity. Nvidia threw its' hat in the ring with its GeForce Now game streaming service for PC gamers.

The division is being led by Kareem Choudhry, a prominent figure in the making of Outlook, DirectX, and Xbox engineering.

Nothing has been revealed regarding what this division is working on specifically but, with Xbox Game Pass, the company has a basic structure of what its cloud service could be like. Any user can subscribe to the service to not only play the game but also stream the gaming experience to any device.

So what Microsoft will create would be the "Netflix" for games. However, the problem lies with rival companies such as Sony and Nintendo who may not comply in giving their games. Even though the new division is going to start small, it'll definitely be interesting to see where it goes over the next few years. However, there are many other factors such as satisfying third parties in order to get them on board.

In Germany, Microsoft's additional investments aim to help empower more organisations and businesses in Germany and across the globe to digitally transform with cloud services.

It is important to mention that the AMD support will allow the owners of the original model, Xbox One, to enjoy their games on monitors with FreeSync technology, while those with the Xbox One S or Xbox One X models will be able to do so through monitors with FreeSync technology 2. Although the subscription offers many good games, it excludes great titles as well.

"The new cloud services enable customers to digitally transform their businesses empowered by Microsoft's global network and the latest innovative services while meeting their compliance requirements to store customer data in Germany", said Sabine Bendiek, Area Vice President, Microsoft Germany.