Trump's meeting with Kim may fail

Trump's meeting with Kim may fail

According to the White House, Moon and Trump "expressed cautious optimism over recent developments and emphasized that a brighter future is available for North Korea, if it chooses the correct path".

He could well offer Trump the promise of complete denuclearization for an end to sanctions, the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean peninsula, normalization of relations, and the ending of the U.S. Talking is obviously better than war, but if the North really is rattled enough to offer serious dialogue, it would be better to initiate a series of lower-level talks that methodically work their way up to the Oval Office.

Abe and Moon also confirmed their cooperation to realize the return of abducted Japanese nationals, with Abe asking Moon to take up the issue during the planned summit with Kim.

He said that the talks between Trump and Kim would only be successful if there are no preconditions.

The U.S. -North Korea summit talks were brokered by Moon's envoys, who met with Kim Jong Un during a March 5-6 Pyongyang trip. "The foreign minister asked for the meeting while they were at the Olympics together". "The fate of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Peninsula depends on whether we can seize on these opportunities".

He made headlines past year by telling reporters that Kim could order a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean in response to insults from Trump.

That could suggest a potential breakthrough, or a fallback to the North's longstanding position that it's willing to get rid of its nuclear weapons if the US guarantees its safety. Nuclear weapons are the core of Kim's authoritarian rule, with the young leader promoting the so-called "Byungjin" policy of simultaneously bolstering his nuclear arsenal and improving the economy. Sweden has been rumoured as a possible site for the summit between Kim and Trump, though a truce village on the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone between the Koreas is seen as more likely.

Trump's meeting with Kim may fail
Trump's meeting with Kim may fail

Trump has already made it clear the only acceptable outcome is denuclearization. The North has said denuclearization of the peninsula can be possible when the USA completely pulls out its 80,000 troops from South Korea and Japan and stops annual military drills with South Korea that it claims are an invasion rehearsal.

Ivanka also garnered criticism for taking her father's seat aside world leaders at the G20 Summit in July, a move Trump called "very standard", and for leading Congress in a bipartisan roundtable discussion in May.

Yet anyone who has watched the sad history of US interaction with North Korea knows that Pyongyang always plays a multi-layer game while Washington focuses narrowly on one goal.

Trump rattled the global community and his own administration last week when he quickly accepted North Korea leader Kim Jong Un's invitation to meet.

But Lee at the Sejong Institute said any breakdown in talks shouldn't be blamed on the mediator.

Trump also doesn't realize that China and Russian Federation are our real enemies and that USA presidents don't personally negotiate with murderous madmen.