Desus & Mero Bring The DJ Envy Walk-Out Jokes To Twitter

Desus & Mero Bring The DJ Envy Walk-Out Jokes To Twitter

This isn't the first time the comedy duo have talked about Envy on their show as back in October of 2017 when an alleged Snapchat conversation between the DJ and an unknown person leaked online. And when Hammer showed up, he said, "You know what?"

Envy says he also made a decision to leave because he didn't want to situation to escalate since his co-host Charlamagne continued to crack jokes about it. Desus and Mero both apologized for the joke but a visibly upset Envy was obviously having none of it. They're friends - they've been on the show several times but when I heard what they said about my wife I was pretty mad.

Adding that he didn't want to end things in a joking manner, Envy noted there was no beef and that the comic duo is welcome on the show again.

"I didn't leave as a joke, it was a heated moment and they needed to know I was serious", he said.

But according to fellow NY morning show host Ebro of "Ebro In the Morning", things were staged. "The Viceland x iHeart promo machine working overtime...."

Meanwhile, Desus and Mero addressed the incident on their show Thursday evening with Desus questioning The Breakfast Club's intentions.

When Joe Budden chimed in to ask if Ebro genuinely thought it was staged, Ebro remained firm.

But the real meteor chunk of salt was saved for the end when Mero came out of left field and said "I guess the moral of the story is stay away from Erica Mena".

"You can talk about me, you can make jokes about me all day but when it comes to my wife and my family its a little disrespectful", Envy told Desus and Mero. "You was there the last time some 1 said something insane about my family..."