Legislators' social media naivetė shows in Zuckerberg hearings

Legislators' social media naivetė shows in Zuckerberg hearings

The House members on Wednesday explored a number of issues with the 33-year-old CEO, criticizing him for a lack of diversity in Facebook's top management team and asking if an agency should be created or laws passed to make tech companies address the need for privacy, even though protecting user data may hurt profits.

An estimated 59 777 South Africans were also affected by the data breach.

When New York Representative Paul Tonko asked if Facebook should "bear the liability for the misuse of people's data", Zuckerberg responded that the company takes "responsibility", but refused to claim his company was liable, stating CA was exclusively at fault.

Mr. Zuckerberg repeatedly said he was open to regulations but that it would have to be the "right" regulations with the right details. If anything came from this, we see that Zuckerberg is just another reckless billionaire, playing with people's lives because he can afford to do it. "Even if someone isn't logged in we track how many pages they're accessing as a security measure", Zuckerberg said.

One question Facebook did answer was whether it would continue to oppose the California Consumer Privacy Act, which would allow residents in the state to opt out of companies selling their data.

But for now, Zuckerberg says this is not the firm's plan, insisting 'We want to offer a free service'. Responding to questions about Facebook's role in inciting violence in Myanmar, Zuckerberg mentioned three shifts that the company is instituting there and in other countries dealing with similar issues: hire more local-language content reviews, work with civil society to take down accounts rather than isolated content pieces and institute product changes to aid in issues such as news literacy.

"Those are the ones we're aware of", Cardozo said.

"I've just seen it over and over again - that we have the hearings, and nothing happens", he said. Lawmakers are poised to regulate Facebook, and the hearings yesterday and today suggest they really mean it.

"Every time that someone chooses to share something on Facebook. there is a control".

Facebook has regularly been accused of listening in on conversations using microphones on smartphones and then presenting ads related to recent conversations to its users. "We don't sell drugs". In 2013, Facebook revealed that user data had been exposed by a bug in its system.

On a question if Facebook has a political bias, he said the platform's goal was not to engage in political speech.

Of course, there may be a gap between people who say they deleted their Facebook and those who actually did.

In his opening statement committee chair Greg Walden quoted the company's early motto to "move fast and break things", asking whether the company had "moved too fast and broken too many things". "Thank you @RepMcKinley. We are working to faster detect violating content". We build enterprise software, although I don't consider us an enterprise software company.