Hear Taylor Swift Cover Earth, Wind & Fire's "September"

Hear Taylor Swift Cover Earth, Wind & Fire's

Taylor Swift has continued her now-friendly relationship with Spotify with two new recordings for Spotify Singles.

"There are certain songs you don't mess with, especially if you don't have the range, and we all know Taylor Swift has all the range of a dial tone", Judge wrote. It already feels like we're living inside a haunted circus - a ceaseless parade of demented calliope music and blood-spattered clowns, each emitting a piercing, unbroken shriek that lasts until infinity - so let's all just go limp and check it out.

Early Thursday morning, Taylor Swift posted a teaser on her Instagram, with an caption that said she would be releasing a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's 1978 hit "September". Notably, it's the first song she's shared since Reputation came out past year, and it also comes along with an acoustic version of "Delicate".

You can listen to both tracks in full below.

Instead, Swift offers a stripped back acoustic take on the track - with her voice backed by banjos that add an unexpected bluegrass direction to the song. There's no way of knowing for sure, but a press release about the Spotify cover notes that Swift chose to cover "September" for "sentimental reasons", so who knows!

Swift is also set to appear on the upcoming album from Sugarland.