Google Is Killing Pixel And Pixel XL, Support To Die Soon After

Google Is Killing Pixel And Pixel XL, Support To Die Soon After

As revealed by The Verge, the Gmail update is about more than just giving the email service a new coat of paint. The user will also be able to set password requirement, where the recipient has to confirm their identity via a code/OTP sent to the recipient as a text message to access the email. With the new version of Gmail, users may be allowed to access Google Calendar from the Gmail interface directly.

According to a source who talked to TechCrunch, Gmail's new "confidential mode" lets users create self-expiring emails that disappear after a specific amount of time.

A Google spokesperson has provided the following statement (emphasis included): "We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)".

The new version of Gmail will also show a lock icon which would be placed in the compose box in order to activate the Confidential Mode.

As of now, it's unknown whether the feature is going to be compatible with non-Gmail users. This allows you to quickly open Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks without having to leave Gmail, and it would appear that you'll be able to add additional apps to the sidebar as well. If you ever check your Gmail on your phone, the changes won't seem that alien to you.

Gmail's new web interface snooze smart reply app bar
Google Is Killing Pixel And Pixel XL, Support To Die Soon After

You can also choose from three different types of inbox layouts including the Default View, Comfortable View, and Compact View.

The smart reply feature might also see the actual messages included within rounded boxes. This includes Smart Replies which are already available on Gmail's mobile counterparts, snoozing messages for a later time and a few new layouts for how much information you'd like to have on the home page itself. The new features are welcome additions, but they will not get in the way of how Gmail works right now.

When the EAP is finally made available it will introduce "a new design for the Gmail web interface, as well as several new features".

We're expecting Google to announce the redesigned web client at Google I/O on May 8, 2018.