More Than 200 Cities Around The Globe Held "March For Science" Rallies

More Than 200 Cities Around The Globe Held

On April 22, last year, more than a million scientists, teachers and supporters of scientific thought marched in more than 600 cities around the world in a unique initiative to defend science and scientific outlook.

In Frankfurt, according to police, about 500 people took part in protests, less than the 2,000 who had been expected.

"There has not only been a concorted effort to undermine science but it is happening first time since Independence that absolutely no consultation is carried out with scientists on any government programmes", said D. Raghunandan of Delhi Science Forum and one of the organisers of the march.

She says thanks to the federal government's multibillion-dollar investment into scientific research across Canada, it's the flawless time to celebrate the investment while also asking for more support to tackle big problems such as climate change and increase the number of jobs in the scientific community.

Participants called for policymakers to consult with experts before making decisions, and to enact evidence-based policies that serve all communities. "It's not just about investment in's about stipulation to fact, to truth, to knowledge, to science".

"The diversity research clearly demonstrates bringing all the people to the table - to the scientific table - leads to better ideas, kinder, more ethical solutions, and always a more informed public policy", Welch added.

"We're here because no one wants to be led by the gut feelings of our elected officials", Sheila Jasanoff, a professor of science and technology studies at Harvard, said in Washington.

Other marches took place across the globe, as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Antarctica.