Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen

Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen

Ben Stiller lampooned Michael Cohen tonight as Saturday Night Live took on the Trump lawyer after his office was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"If you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about", De Niro's Mueller says as he straps Stiller's Cohen to a lie detector.

Stiller was lead into a room with little more than a chair and a table with a polygraph machine.

"I don't know what rights you think you have". Moments later, Robert De Niro stepped out (with some pretty incredible facial prosthetics) as Mueller, who strapped Stiller into the lie detector for an awesome re-creation of one of the most memorable scenes from their blockbuster 2000 comedy Meet the Parents. "How'd you like that pee pee tape?".

"I have an entire hard drive that's just labeled 'yikes, '" the lawyer said. Cohen accused Mueller and his team of bias, which Mueller refuted by saying they use codenames for the President and his family to prevent emotion from coming into it. De Niro's Mueller asked to the cheer of the audience.

As for Cohen, his codename was simply "Dead Man Walking".

Stiller's Cohen has lots to hide. "I was just tryin' to milk some information outta people".

"Yeah, like with a cow, or a goat".

Together, Stiller and De Niro delivered the classic "live from New York" line to usher in the episode, hosted by former SNL writer John Mulaney.

"I have nipples. Can you milk me, Mr. Cohen?" If you've never thought about why a CT town would build a gazebo during the Civil War or how much of your day is spent proving you're not a robot, the comedian will really make you stop and question things. The segment ended with De Niro telling Ben Stiller's Cohen "You broke the law and we're gonna catch you little fockers".