Nicki Minaj: I feel I've been 'ambushed' by Cardi B

Nicki Minaj: I feel I've been 'ambushed' by Cardi B

Nicki recently reported on Twitter that Quavo had apologized. "The Generous Queen FORGIVES".

"When I heard the track, her verse wasn't finished - well, it's not the verse that is out right now - and Quavo told me to get on the song, and I just felt like it was a ideal opportunity for me to be on a track that's big like that", Cardi said.

We've all been waiting to say this but kept mum out of fear of being called haters but now that Nicki has officially reclaimed her throne. uh, all the wanna-be Nicki's must just sit down.

Now Nicki is offering her side of the story.

'Cause I don't want people to think I'm lying. But I will say, shout-out to Cardi and all the new female rappers who have been doing their thing. "But most importantly, I wanted to have fun again". Asian Doll always shows me genuine love.

Earlier this week, Nicki said she felt "hurt" and "ambushed" by Cardi's comments, and it has now been claimed that Cardi also feels "ambushed" by Nicki. It just warms my heart when the girls do that. The news came to light during the broadcast of her interview with Zane Lowe on Thursday, and was later fleshed during a Twitter exchange with her followers. Creatively, I've never felt better.

She said: "When I first came in the game, if a female of that stature had done a feature with me on it, I would only be singing their praises and saying, 'Thank you'. I didn't hear that verse.' I was like what?" "She changed her verse.' I'm like, 'What?' I remember when I first did a song with Trina for the first time, that's why to this day I love Trina".