Winter weather advisory has taken effect in Jackson County

Winter weather advisory has taken effect in Jackson County

Several communities around Metro Detroit have issued winter weather alerts overnight into Sunday as storms continue in the area.

Though it seems just another disappointingly dreary day in Jackson, a winter weather advisory took effect Saturday afternoon and remains so until noon Sunday, April 15.

The National Weather Service also issued a hazardous weather outlook, with a forecast that calls for freezing rain that will turn to sleet.

As this air moves in, Cameron said, not only will temperatures drop, but rain showers will form as the heavier cold air undercuts the more buoyant warm air and lifts it.

Freezing rain may become mixed with or turn over to ice pellets before potentially tapering off to patchy freezing drizzle for a few hours Saturday night.

Scattered power outages and tree damage are possible at times due to ice accumulation.

Stay tuned to KSFY for the very latest updates on snow alerts, road closures, and postponements and cancellations. "Travel will be risky and almost impossible", the service warns.

A winter weather advisory (purple) is in effect this weekend for much of Upstate New York.