Facebook Stories Is Getting AR 3D Drawing And Instagram's Boomerang

Facebook Stories Is Getting AR 3D Drawing And Instagram's Boomerang

Facebook might be having a tough time dealing with the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica crisis, but that hasn't stopped the social media giant from working on improving its products.

Facebook has just added Instagram's Boomerang feature in its Stories feature allowing users to create looping GIFs. It is yet to be confirmed the will Instagram allow the users to download the complete data backup or will it limit to the images and videos uploaded by the users itself.

Facebook tells me the technology understands the corners and objects in the room to create a 3D spec. Facebook could that use that to detect surfaces like walls and tables to wrap the drawing onto them. It launched its suite of AR effects and developer kits for various applications at the F8 conference in April previous year. People can soon draw scribbles before or during recording and then move the camera around to see the markings stay in place. Facebook is on a mission to make Stories more exciting and therefore the new addition is seen as an effort to overcome criticism that Stories are "a rip-off of Snapchat and redundant Instagram Stories".

"We are building a new data portability tool". Facebook Stories has not been able to duplicate that success yet, but the company likely hopes that integrating the established Boomerang brand will change this. One of the provisions of the UK's upcoming Data Protection Bill would require companies to allow its users to easily move their data from one service to another.

Instagram makes it easy for users to cross-post to Facebook when they publish a Story. As Facebook ramps up competition with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, we can likely expect greater integration with AR in future updates.