Apple 'recalls' Watch 2

Apple 'recalls' Watch 2

But there's a (big) caveat: the gratis maintenance service is in place strictly for devices suffering from battery issues, according to a leaked internal document. The free fix only applies to Series 2 watches in the 42mm variant and that includes all models of this watch.

According to an internal document first obtained by MacRumors, which was distributed to certain Apple Stores and authorised service providers, the fix covers only 42mm-sized Series 2 units covering all its models - Sport, Edition, Hermes and Nike+.

Apple has released a new service policy regarding the Apple watch Series 2.

Other details of the service policy include that the Apple Watch doesn't need to be under warranty, and that the repairs are covered for up to three years after the device's purchase date.

It's an issue that's plagued Apple Watches ever since the introduction of the first model, known as the Apple Watch Series 1, back in April 2015 - three years ago. The repairs must be scheduled through the Genius Bar and it is recommended that customers ensure that it will be a free fix prior to agreeing to service.

Will you be taking advantage of Apple's revised service agreement?

Users on forums such as Reddit and Apple's support website have noted of instances where their Apple Watch battery seemingly expanded without reason.

The first-generation Apple Watch (Series o) seemingly suffered from the same problem, with Apple implementing a similar 3-year fix program for affected users. Apple is now offering Apple Watch Series 2 models with expanded batteries or which are having troubling turning on. Let us know in the comments.