ACM Awards: 20 Nominees Whose Songs We Have on Repeat

ACM Awards: 20 Nominees Whose Songs We Have on Repeat

"Hands down you always feel like it might be Carrie Underwood". "Jennifer kicked off her shoes and together we closed the show performing "Baby Girl" for the first time on television". The photo shows Underwood wearing a wrist brace; her face doesn't appear to look any different.

In the black-and-white Instagram photo with no caption, Underwood is in a recording studio gazing intently. It's unclear, however, if that was a result of the fall or just the lighting in the photo. One thing is for certain - her fans will be happy to see her. Even though photograph is taken out of a distance, fans may catch a glimpse of the full face of the singer. Osborne also made his producing debut with Midland this year, which makes him a single record of the year nominee as the producer of "Drinkin' Problem". "First off, physically, I'm doing pretty darn good these days!" she wrote. My wrist is virtually straight back to ordinary there...and also also the docs say that last 10% will probably arrive punctually. "And my face has been therapeutic fairly properly as effectively", Underwood wrote.

"I think more than anything just kind of glad to see them here". As a result of the accident, the Grammy victor had to undergo surgery on her broken wrist and receive 40 to 50 stitches in her face.

"Typically I believe issues occur with a view to make us decelerate. It also means I've been home to support my favorite hockey player coming out of retirement!" Underwood mentioned, referring to Fisher's return to the Nashville Predators.

Oklahomans will abound on Sunday night's ACM Awards.

"Thanks all a lot in your love and help this yr and all the time. I felt that was sort of a, not only a healing moment for me but it was also a chance for me to sort of tell everybody else this is terrible but its okay to start the healing process and start to pick up the pieces and move on", Aldean said.

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