The Walking Dead season 8 finale: is there a future for Negan?

The Walking Dead season 8 finale: is there a future for Negan?

It's easy to see why The Walking Dead chose to do this: it follows the comic books, it means they can keep Negan (a character the writers are now in the thrall of) around, and means they can still have Rick as their noble leader.

In "Wrath", Negan's plan to ambush Rick's ambush seemed to be working perfectly as Rick's team was surrounded by gun-toting Saviors. At the end, Maggie was talking to Jesus about Rick being right to let the Saviors live, but not Negan.

And after a climactic battle in which many of Negan's followers, the Saviours, were wiped out by their own defective bullets, Rick seemed willing to do just that. At some point in the future, she is going to "show" Rick just how wrong he was for that decision ... with Daryl at her side?!

But then his rage got the better of him, as Rick slashed open Negan's throat with a shard of broken glass. (Expert aim there.) I'm still not sure how I feel about Eugene, especially after the vomit incident and, you know, the whole near two seasons of betrayal thing, but I am glad Rosita socked him one for it all.

Unless The Walking Dead season 9 premiere has more story and gusto than the entirety of season 8 and season 7 combined, I - along with the hordes of angry viewers still clinging on with hope of series redemption - am checking out of The Walking Dead club forever.

Before Rick heads out to go over the battle plans, he asks Siddiq how Carl died.

Morgan said at least one thing that made oodles of sense when he told Rick, "We are worse than we were, me and you" and that killing the Saviors in the bar was wrong. And Jesus, you know, he would not have killed the surrendering Saviors, but he's not Morgan.

But then Rick, thinking of Carl, chose to save Negan's life - and Maggie lost her s-t.

I'll admit that I didn't see Eugene's betrayal of the Saviours coming, but the Oceanside gals did turn up, just as I predicted last week, throwing Molotovs at the Saviours and managing not to burn the Hilltop to the ground. Will we see The Walking Dead: Civil War?

The Walking Dead concluded its eighth season tonight and Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season; the sister series will continue to air Sunday nights on AMC. Here are a few things we learned from four of the actors.

"Rick was wrong to do what he did". The show removed the moment where Negan admits he never even considered cooperation, but it does keep the result of Negan's distraction: Rick suddenly slashes his throat, wounding him enough to declare victory.

I am pleased with the ending of season 8. While the episode nailed the crucial plot points of the source material, we also saw several divergences that set up intriguing future storylines.

The time jump also gives Fear the Walking Dead season 4 the benefit of having everyone in the group already reunited. He believes that the vision he sees is Carl showing him the new world.

Of course, the two biggest obstacles in their way are Rick and Michonne. The villain is then sentenced to spending the rest of his time in the cell at Alexandria, to serve as a symbol for the life they're leaving behind, and that - except for a potential conflict with Maggie and Daryl - is that. We were treated to not one but three montages of Rick and a young Carl walking hand in hand, hearkening back to Carl's farewell letter to his dad.