Nine out of 10 pupils given first choice primary school in Peterborough

Nine out of 10 pupils given first choice primary school in Peterborough

He said: "At a time when many areas across the United Kingdom are facing real issues in finding enough primary school places, I am delighted that this year over 94% of children in Suffolk received a place at their preferred school".

"Getting the balance right between the number of school places and the expected demand for these places is always hard, even more so at times when the resources available for schools and school buildings are very limited".

According to a Press Association sample survey of 40 councils in England, 28 (70%) reported a rise in the proportion of families receiving their first choice of school; five (12.5%) said there had been a fall, and seven (17.5%) saw no change.

This is a 1.5 per cent increase on past year. Taking a small number of teachers to the Capitol will allow that to continue to happen, she said, explaining that each school will determine how it will cover for any faculty member who will participate in the advocacy group.

Nevertheless, it is well worth going to see the school you have been offered and discussing any concerns you may have with the head teacher.

"The council completed a £61m primary school expansion programme last year which created 2,500 extra places and we need to ensure we are prepared for increases in future years".

One father tweeted: "So our littlest has been given a place at primary school. My goal is to find a job that will mean a better life for the kids and me".

Keep calm and even if you're feeling devastated, don't let your child pick up on your worries and stress.

You will be sent a letter about your child's school place which will give you a guide on how to appeal the decision.

However, don't immediately discount the school you have been given.

If your appeal is successful, your child will be given a place at the school.

You can still appeal if your child would have been offered a place.

Making an appeal can be a very stressful and intensive process, for your child as well as you. "But the parents came to us and said, 'We want to stay here, we want to stay in this neighborhood and we think you should start a school'". There are jobs you may not know about in high school and many of them involve technology.

Social or medical need: You may feel your child has special needs that will be dealt with more successfully by the school of your choice, or that moving your child away from the school where he is now at nursery would be damaging to him.

The right to an independent appeal is open to anyone who has not received an offer at one of their preferred schools.

The school closings issue is something I have worked very closely on.

"With about 94 per cent of the county's primary schools now rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted, compared with a national average of 90 per cent, there is certainly plenty of encouraging news for parents, pupils and schools in Essex".

She teaches 8th grade English in Haskell and said she made her decision to run before the walkout.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you can still put your child's name on the school's waiting list.