Alfie Evans' parents lose legal bid in attempt to save son

Alfie Evans' parents lose legal bid in attempt to save son

Alfie, born in May of 2016, suffers from an unknown neurological degenerative condition which hospital staff say has reduced him to a vegetative state and corroded his brain matter.

On Monday, Alfie's parents, Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, asked Court of Appeal judges to rule that Alfie should be allowed to travel to a hospital in Rome. "They should forfeit ability to dictate Alfie's best interests.not terminate his life due to their failures to diagnose him and treat him effectively".

Protesters from "Alfie's Army" have lined the roads outside the specialist children's hospital in support of the latest court case.

The couple's attorney, Paul Diamond, standing counsel to the Christian Legal Centre, argued that not allowing Alfie to be transferred to another hospital went against Alfie's liberty, according to LifeSiteNews.

In a statement tearfully read outside the hospital on Monday, Alfie Evans' father accused the hospital of "lying to the police", "stripping [Alfie] of his dignity", "taking away the rights of him and his family to be together", and "trying to dictate what is in Alfie's best interests when we have several pieces of evidence showing Alder Hey to be acting contrary to Alfie's best interest", such as "leaving him in poor and squalid conditions.and with moldy tubes". This led to the hospital restricting the number of visitors to Alfie.

She continued: "Alder Hey is an absolutely unbelievable hospital and the staff are second to none; this should not be happening outside a children's hospital".

Lord Justice Moylan said that when there's a disagreement between the parents' wishes and the best interests of the child, the latter must prevail, LifeSiteNews reported.

Alfie Evans' parents lose legal bid in attempt to save son
Alfie Evans' parents lose legal bid in attempt to save son

Supreme Court justices and European Court of Human Rights judges refused to intervene.

After the High Court judge upheld his original December 2017 ruling that backed Alder Hey doctors in their decision to switch off the toddler's life support, on Thursday night, supporters gathered at the hospital to protest.

Last week, Alfie's parents said their son had improved in recent weeks and they had asked Hayden to allow a new assessment, but he refused. Diamond indicated that he would make a direct appeal to the Supreme Court by 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

Speaking outside the hospital, Alfie's dad declared "it's not over" while crowds of supporters chanted "get him out".

The court stayed the removal of Alfie's life support, pending the decision of the Supreme Court.

The protests have divided opinion as some people on social media have used the hashtag #ImWithAlderHey to raise concerns about the protests and show support for the hospital staff. The judge said the unanimous view of medical experts was that Alfie's brain had been eroded by disease and further assessment was pointless.