This is the new Gmail design

This is the new Gmail design

Google confirmed the update to The Verge last week and a leaked email about the update promises a "fresh, clean look" for Gmail with some new features, including a predictive "smart reply" feature for Gmail's web version. The letters will also be thinner.

The feature also includes a confidential mode which will prevent the recipient of the email from forwarding, downloading, printing or copying and pasting text from the email.

These features, which have been available in Microsoft's Outlook desktop app for sometime now, should appeal to business users who want more granular controls over how emails are used by recipients.

A new look - Gmail's visual presentation will be tweaked to bring it more in line with Google's Material Design philosophy. The Verge has obtained screenshots of the new Gmail design, now being tested inside Google and with trusted partners. Also, the new feature will be smoothly embedded in the compose screen of the Gmail website which will make it easier for the users to switch to the "Confidential Mode".

One of those features is the excellent Smart Reply which uses AI to offer up a choice of three automatic response to an email. Businesses and enterprises who are relying on Gmail will find this feature more than useful, and it's probably aimed at such an audience anyway. You are then given the option to choose an expiration date for the message. Google uses machine learning to tune Smart Reply's suggestions to your writing style, so the more you use it, the more useful it gets. The report says that Gmail will also be getting the ability to self-destruct an email. The redesign might also include the option to snooze emails so they later appear in the inbox. Sending an expiring email will ensure that only the intended recipient can view the message - and only for a set period of time.

Confidential email - Google is implementing a feature that lets the sender limit what the recipient can do with an email. The default layout highlights details and attachments, comfort keeps highlights hidden, and compact is comparable to the current Gmail design.

Well, technically, based on the screenshots we're seeing, what you'll receive is a link to be able to view the confidential email.