Sacramento police release shooting videos

Sacramento police release shooting videos

The Sacramento Police Department has released more than 50 videos from the police killing of Stephon Clark, with the footage revealing that officers waited more than five minutes to help Clark after shooting him.

Weeks of protests roiled California's capital city, disrupted professional basketball games and blocked rush hour traffic.

After waiting about five minutes to approach Clark, officers spent about another minute handcuffing and searching him before beginning CPR, The Sacramento Bee reported.

"He have a gun?" the approaching male officer says.

In a report from the Los Angeles Times, the recently released footage show that cops thought Clark was "pretending" to be unconscious.

The male caller informs the dispatcher that some one else is at his garden "beating on my window and I don't know very well what's happening".

Tommy Thompson, Clark's grandfather, lost his legs to complications from diabetes, according to Curtis Gordon, Clark's uncle. Family members said it was typical for relatives to knock on the rear window so Thompson could use a remote garage door opener to let them into the house. The police confirmed Monday that the call came from within the Thompson home.

Sequita Thompson, Clark's grandma, earlier said she was viewing a video clip of the granddaughter dancing when booms were discovered by her.

He said that the household thinks which Clark might have been asking to be allowed into the house when the shooting occurred. Both officers that took Clark muted their microphones minutes after.

To make matters worse, several police officers are seen and heard muting their camera microphones.

Other videos show officers muting the cameras. The helicopter footage begins at the end-point of the previous release to the end of the footage.

A spokesman who assisted Clark's family with the funeral, Adam Keigwin, was not able to immediately provide comment from the family on the new materials, including the 911 call. Clark's brother, Stevante Clark, didn't answer his cellphone along with also the voice recorder was full.