Amazon launches Alexa Announcements

Amazon launches Alexa Announcements

Alexa fans down under are now in for the same hands-free experience as the Echo Spot is heading to Australia with a price tag of AU$199. The Echo Spot offers Alexa functionality, with a smaller design and the added convenience of a circular screen so that Alexa can show you things.

While recent CIRP survey data show only 29% of people who have Echos are voice shopping through them (with most shopping behavior replenishment and repeat purchases, we believe) we see the integration into the television (giving Alexa a screen) as a way to remove a key point of friction in voice-based shopping and potentially change behavior. The smart speakers can already make calls to other Alexa devices, while the Drop In feature lets you have a conversation with one other Alexa device in your home or with another person's device in your contacts book.

Amazon said commands such as "Alexa, tell everyone..." will also work to make an announcement.

The new Alexa Announcements feature for the Echo range will let you record a message through your smart speaker, and have it broadcast around the home.

Nowak thinks it could be very important that Alexa gains a screen, versus the audio-only nature of the "Echo" smart speakers from Amazon. Plus, with the multi-room music feature, you can play your favourites throughout your home, with synchronised music across all of your Echo devices. For example for a home with Alexa setup in the majority, they can choose to use Alexa, but a household that uses Google Home and Google Assistant devices, then obviously Google Assistant might be preferred.

The latest Alexa-powered smart speaker from Amazon is now available for pre-orders, and it will come in black and white color variants.

Amazon is set to roll out the device in the country beginning on April 26.